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Service in Brief: Your First Introduction to Market

February 21, 2006 by Kaszas Marketing

As this issue has shown, communicating well in business depends on telling a good story: clear, concise, consistent and well targeted to the audience. It’s particularly important to get this right the first time you introduce a company, product or service to the market. Kaszas Marketing specializes in First Introductions to Market – a service that maps […]

Every Business Tells a Story…Don’t It?

by Kaszas Marketing

Business can look to the basic tenets of good story telling to craft business communication that makes for an engaging, compelling read. Stories are tools to remember, to learn, to teach, to warn, to impress, to negotiate and to win. Getting messages out to customers, press and shareholders depends in part on a business’ ability […]

If I Write it, Will They Come?

by Kaszas Marketing

So you’ve got a good story to tell . . . how do you pitch it to press? Unless you’ve got an inside lead, there’s no predicting the press. What interests editors from day to day can depend on many variables. Despite the unknowns, there is a process you can follow to vastly improve the […]