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The Yin and Yang of Customer Referrals

October 26, 2009 by Maria Ford

Many of our high-tech, business-to-business clients rely on customer referrals as a significant part of net-new business generation. Customer case studies are valuable sales and marketing tools for these companies, so we’ve made this the theme of this newsletter. This theme got me thinking about something else that many of our clients have in common: […]

Customer Case Studies: Even Better Than Word of Mouth

October 24, 2009 by Maria Ford

Many of our clients make customer case studies and success stories a cornerstone of their sales and marketing collateral. Aside from demonstrating real-world success with named customers, good success stories speak to prospects in their own language, conveying experiences and frustrations they can relate to, and explaining the relief from those frustrations in realistic and […]

The Importance of Landing Pages

October 8, 2009 by Andrew Symes

Pay-per-click, e-mail and online advertising campaigns are popular methods to bring new visitors to a website. Typically, a great deal of time is spent thinking about how to get prospects to the website, but less thought is put into what to show visitors once they arrive. A lesson we’ve learned is that the content displayed to a visitor after […]

Problems, Not Solutions

February 13, 2009 by Maria Ford

Typically, our business-to-business clients – and also many of our consumer-facing clients – like to focus on “solutions” in their marketing communications. A solution is a positive thing, and people want to hear positive messages, right? We want them to know that we have The Answer For Them, right? If we dwell on their problems […]

Search Engine Optimization Success Story

February 11, 2009 by Andrew Symes

As part of our website optimization service, we’ve worked with a number of companies interested in boosting their online search engine performance. Recently, we were introduced to two companies who wanted to ensure that their sites would be visible on relevant searches performed online. One, a real estate agent, was interested in boosting the search […]

Do Something!

February 10, 2009 by Andrew Symes

In our work at Kaszas we often witness the desire to “do something – now!” When sales aren’t reaching targets or when a company feels it should be doing better than it is, there is often a knee-jerk reaction to make quick changes to “low-hanging fruit”. Change the media mix! Spend more on pay-per-click! Start […]