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The Importance of Ongoing Optimization

December 8, 2011 by Andrew Symes

At Kaszas, we have researched and developed search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for a number of clients. We recently examined the performance of five optimized client websites. The best-performing sites are those that follow post-launch SEO best practices. Measuring Performance To measure performance of online content optimization, we examine a client’s rankings on important keywords […]

Implementing an Effective Content Management System (CMS)

November 12, 2011 by Todd Coopee

– by Todd Coopee, Owner, Studio 91 (www.studio91.ca) While social networking, search engine optimization and embedded multimedia are part of online strategies today, a key measure of the effectiveness of any website still lies in the currency of information it offers to visitors. Often, organizations cite frustration with their current Content Management System (CMS) as […]

Pay-to-Play Schemes: A Cautionary Tale

September 24, 2011 by Kaszas Marketing

– by Maria Ford (Kaszas Marketing) and Shaun Markey (Shaun Markey Communications) A few times a year, one or another of our clients receives a call or an email from a television producer or business news magazine enthusiastically inviting them to be featured in a television or print piece that will reach the client’s industry […]

Social Media Marketing Tip

May 15, 2011 by Maria Ford

More and more businesses are using social media to get their messages out. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, weblogs and other user-driven platforms provide new opportunities to reach new audiences, or to reach existing audiences in new ways. And, because they are user-driven, they are “easy” and “cheap” to implement – no need for special HTML […]

Online vs. Approved Messaging: Which is More Important?

March 24, 2011 by Maria Ford

Think about your company’s main product line or service offering. Without saying the product’s actual brand name, what do you call it? How do you tell someone what type of product or service it is? For example: A Mac PowerBook is a laptop (or is it a portable computer or a notebook?) A Subaru Forester […]

A Sign of the Times

February 21, 2011 by Andrew Symes

At Kaszas, we interact with companies of various sizes and from a variety of industries. Over the years, the nature of the marketing/communications needs and projects that we are engaged for has shifted. Just six years ago, most new clients sought us out for help developing print brochure kits. Today, almost all new clients come […]

Look for Best Practices – Not Silver Bullets

January 28, 2011 by Andrew Symes

Recent projects have reminded us of the benefits of a comprehensive approach to marketing communications. By following the same best practices we use when composing marketing content (understanding the target audience, speaking to them in a way that they will understand, and presenting them with information they care about) we have been able to greatly […]