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A Sign of the Times

February 21, 2011 by Andrew Symes

At Kaszas, we interact with companies of various sizes and from a variety of industries. Over the years, the nature of the marketing/communications needs and projects that we are engaged for has shifted.

Just six years ago, most new clients sought us out for help developing print brochure kits. Today, almost all new clients come to us with a web-based project. Be it website content writing, search engine optimization, Flash video scripts, a wholly new online presence, pay-per-click campaigns, or questions about using social media like YouTube and Facebook, the need to “be found on the web” drives today’s marketing and communications agenda.

The More Things Change…

While the primary media have changed, our fundamental approach has not. In any new website, video or social media project, we ensure that our effort focuses on the effectiveness of the message and quality of the content – no matter what the medium is. While each online vehicle may require a unique set of marketing tactics, content variety and  writing style, the fundamental rules of effective marketing communication remain the same.

All marketing communications vehicles must:

  • Speak directly to the target audience in a way that they will care about enough to want more information or to act
  • Convey the difference and value being offered by the company, the service or the product
  • Work in concert with all other marketing tactics and media to maximize a message’s power through consistency, frequency and volume

The World is Getting Smaller

While there are more online media tools to choose from than ever before, they all share a common bond – each is intricately linked by the web. In addition to crawling your website, Google crawls YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and all other online media. Flash media is also becoming search-optimizable. Today’s online media are inseparable and our ability to take a global view of marketing content helps clients to keep all of these related, moving parts on message and in sync.

If you are looking to increase your reach online and create searchable marketing content, contact us!

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