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About Us

Marketing Consultant Expertise - Kaszas MarketingAn investment in marketing should yield long-term results. We deliver lasting outcomes through pitch-perfect marketing and communication strategies, brands, messages, content, and programs for B2B, industrial, and technology businesses.

What Sets Us Apart

Our straight-to-the-point approach, objective business model, and proven methodology set us apart as a marketing consultant agency that delivers lasting outcomes. Rather than bringing pre-canned solutions to the table, our methodology uncovers the correct answers, strategies, and solutions for each client.

Critical Analysis

We listen carefully to our clients’ needs, concerns and ideas; then, we survey their customers and markets to validate assumptions, correct misconceptions, and refine existing beliefs. We bring clarity to marketing challenges and help to answer difficult questions.

Objective Strategies

Kaszs Marketing Consultants - CredentialsWe are marketers and communicators first and always. We are not obliged to sell particular services and are wholly free to investigate and create the ideal marketing solution for each client. We then leverage close partnerships to oversee and deliver the best solution.

Proven Methodology for Lasting Outcomes

Our process of critical analysis has proven time and again to uncover and understand previously unknown or misunderstood insights. Our astute research and keen analysis always leads to better, more effective, and long-lasting marketing strategies, programs and tools that are aligned with business goals, and which are measurable.

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