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Stewardship Initiatives

Kaszas Marketing supports the community and the environment in several ways through its stewardship initiatives. We believe that every company has a responsibility to give back to the community, and to the planet in as many ways possible.

Kaszas in the Community

Stewardship Initiatives - Kaszas Marketing
We have volunteered our time and expertise at Invest Ottawa
Stewardship Initiatives - Kaszas Marketing
We support the arts, including the National Arts Centre
Stewardship Initiatives - Kaszas Marketing
We support The Mission, a non-profit organization in Ottawa that provides for the homeless
Through the years we have also volunteered our services to several important causes including:

  • causes that foster equitable standards for women
  • environmentally-friendly construction standards
  • affordable housing
  • Canadian history archiving
  • book editing for Canadiana

Kaszas and the Environment

Several years ago we created a virtual network that allows us to work from our homes, reducing our use of fuel, vehicles, and work-space energy consumption.

We minimize travel time by making use of leading communications technologies that allow us to conference, share files collaboratively, and work with clients from a distance.

We minimize the use of paper, using electronic alternatives wherever possible, and strive for a paperless office.

Our employees drive environmentally responsible vehicles that are fuel efficient and low-emission.

We recycle and reuse paper, plastic, tin and all other recyclables

We use recycled paper wherever possible and only if paper is a necessity.

To learn more about us, contact us.