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Proven Methodology

Kaszas Marketing’s proven marketing methodology ensures that each client receives the ideal marketing solution for their situation and goals. It is the basis of all our services:Proven Marketing Methodology - Kaszas Marketing

Phase 1: Astute Research

We begin by meeting with stakeholders to understand their needs and goals. Then we step back to learn from each client’s customers, partners, competitors, and market space. We have unique skills in interviewing and analysis that routinely lead to the discovery of invaluable insights.

Phase 2: Insightful Analysis

We transform astute research into keen analysis. Rather than trusting what we learn from any one source, we identify themes, commonalities and trends that tell the real story.

Phase 3: Objective StrategiesMarketing Methodology - Kaszas Marketing

These insights form the backbone of the strategies and recommendations that we bring to our clients, along with concrete next steps and advice. Our business model ensures objectivity. Because we are not obliged to sell particular services, we are wholly free to investigate and create the ideal marketing solution for each client.

Phase 4: Lasting Outcomes

We can also deliver every strategy or program that we create. We leverage close partnerships as well as our own expertise to oversee and deliver the solutions. When executed expertly, our methodology always leads to better, more effective, and long-lasting marketing strategies, programs and tools that are aligned with business goals, and which are measurable.

Marketing Journalism™

Our marketing methodology incorporates a unique approach that we refer to as marketing journalism™. Using journalistic techniques when conducting key stakeholder and customer interviews, we are able to delve into your company, your products and your customer stories in a keenly astute manner. Our well-honed facilitation and interviewing skills ensure that we get to the heart of the matter even when an organization isn’t certain what the matter really is.

Marketing Journalism has proven time and again to neutralize internal opinions and preferences. It is an effective means of bringing all stakeholders on board for complex or large-scale project.

Integrated Marketing & Communications

An organization’s various marketing efforts stand a much better chance of success if they complement and reinforce one another. That’s why we use a fully integrated marketing communications process when approaching any project.

Taking a “big picture” look encompassing all marketing communications activities, we help clients implement strategies, programs and tools that gather momentum as they are rolled out, become simpler to execute as time goes on, and deliver the best possible bang for the buck.

To learn more about our approach, or to engage with us, contact us today.