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The Art of the Landing Page

December 19, 2016 by Andrew Symes

From “The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page” by Formstack.

Landing pages, which are individual web pages focused on a single topic, product, service, or promotion, are essential elements in both content marketing and online advertising strategies. The simplicity of modern content management systems (CMS) like WordPress has made it easy to generate these standalone pages, but not all landing pages are created equal!

Here are a few tips and tricks for creating these pages – and an explanation of why they are so important.

What’s a landing page?

In theory, any page on your website can be a landing page. At Kaszas, when we speak about landing pages, we’re referring to pages that:

  • Focus on one particular topic, product, service, promotion, or event
  • Act as standalone destinations for links in ads, social media posts, or e-mails
  • May or may not be part of your existing website

Why are they important?

Ten years ago, a prospect was likely to enter your site via your homepage, but that is changing. Today, a prospect may learn about your organization via a web search, social media link, or online ad, and these sources often bring visitors to an internal page. As a result, the expectations of searchers have changed. Searchers don’t want to hunt for information within your website, and they expect search results, ads, and social media links to take them directly to a page related to their query or interest.

When to use landing pages

Your existing website likely already houses some pages that can serve as landing pages. You’ll probably also need to create new, highly targeted landing pages whenever you are creating any of the following:

  • A pay-per-click advertising program: If you’re advertising “women’s dress shoes” in your Google ad, you don’t want to send those clicks to your generic “shoes” page. The visitor will expect to be taken directly to a page that shows them women’s dress shoes only.
  • A promotion: If you’re offering a sale or limited time offer in an e-mail or social media post, the user will expect to click to a page that offers details of that promotion only.
  • A job posting: When promoting a specific job opening, don’t point to a standard careers page that makes your users scroll through a list of irrelevant posts.
  • A new search engine optimization (SEO) project: As you perform keyword research, you are likely to come across particular keywords and phrases related to specific portions of your offerings. When warranted by volume, we recommend creating search engine optimized landing pages that focus on one particular keyword. It’s much easier for a search engine to understand and rank a page that focuses on one specific topic than a long, scrolling page that covers multiple products or services.

Elements of a good landing page

In addition to being able to stand on its own, a landing page should provide a clear call to action. And, if the landing page is a permanent part of your website and found within its navigation, it should be search engine optimized.

Example #1: a product-specific landing page

Here is an example – from search engine experts MOZ – of a search engine optimized landing page within a website that focuses on one topic: chocolate donuts.

This page is focused on a single product (chocolate donuts) and therefore speaks about those specific donuts only. It contains keywords related to that topic, and explains how the user can take action.

Example #2: an offer-specific landing page

Here is an example of a landing page via Hubspot that does not appear within the navigation of the website, and is designed specifically to have a user complete a form:

The page clearly defines the offer and makes it easy for the user to take action.

Getting Started

Creating a good landing page is both an art and a science, and this online online guide from Formstack is filled with additional information on how to lay out a landing page and use design elements effectively.

At Kaszas, we help clients create landing pages that communicate the right message and deliver leads. If you’re engaged in online promotion and unsure whether your landing pages are up to snuff, contact us!

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