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It Comes Down to Trust

September 12, 2017 by Andrew Symes

In August 21st, 2017, millions of people stepped outside to watch the moon block the sun’s light. In preparation for the solar eclipse, many people in North America bought special solar eclipse glasses to protect their vision. Unfortunately, some who purchased glasses on the Internet learned that their glasses were counterfeit and potentially unsafe to use.

Reminder Marketing: Making the Most of Slow Periods

August 8, 2017 by Andrew Symes

For many of our B2B clients, the summer is a slow period for sales. Marketing, however, doesn’t need to stop during these slowdowns. In fact, slow periods can be excellent times to market to prospects and customers – if you do it right.


The Four Burning Brand/Marketing Questions That a Landscape Review Will Answer

June 5, 2017 by Maria Ford

Over 15 years, we’ve conducted many, many Landscape Reviews for companies. In fact, it’s our first step in tackling the job of answering a client’s Big Questions about marketing and brand. First, I’ll briefly outline what a landscape review is. Then, I’ll show you how our Landscape Reviews consistently answer 4 “burning” questions about branding and marketing that our clients have.

It Wasn’t About the M&Ms

November 28, 2016 by Maria Ford

About 5 days into my 2-week Summer train ride across Russia, I started feeling anxious. Inside the train, everyone spoke English – but outside, no one did. And there were no signs in English, either. I was being bombarded by sounds and sights that were unfamiliar. Even the things that I would normally take for […]

I Did Not Want the Matryoshka Dolls

September 20, 2016 by Maria Ford

This Summer, I traveled across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It was an epic trip. Many people asked me before I left, “Are you going to buy some Matryoshka dolls?” And I said no, it was not on my list of things to acquire in life. I generally don’t like little things, clutter, and kitsch … […]

Why Hyundai’s New Luxury Brand Will Succeed

September 6, 2016 by Kaszas Marketing

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos You may have heard by now that Hyundai plans to introduce a luxury brand à la Lexus in the near future under the name Genesis. Its flagship product will be the Genesis G90, a US$70,000 prestige sedan that […]

To Lead Your Industry, You May Have to Leave It

July 4, 2016 by Andrew Symes

Comparing yourself only to others within your industry can be extremely limiting. Not can it hold your organization back from realizing its true potential, it severely restricts your marketing and communication activities – or sets them on the wrong course entirely.

Not Everyone Uses a Website the Way You Do

May 16, 2016 by Andrew Symes

If you’ve ever been involved in writing, developing, or designing a website, you’ve probably heard every opinion under the sun about how the site should look and function. Everyone uses websites, and we all have opinions on what we love (and don’t love) about a site. The objections and suggestions you’ll hear are absolutely correct…for the person stating them. But as marketers, it’s our job to separate how WE might use a website from how its intended USERS will.

What Star Wars: The Force Awakens can Teach us About Marketing

April 4, 2016 by Andrew Symes

As the fastest movie to hit $2 Billion in box office revenues, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a worldwide phenomenon in 2015. With the Blu-ray set to be released this week, we’re taking a look at a few of the many things the movie did right – and what that can teach us about marketing.

Of Coups, “Reatailers” and Blue Teeth

February 1, 2016 by Kaszas Marketing

“In this chthonian world the only thing of importance is orthography and punctuation. It doesn’t matter what the nature of the calamity is, only whether it is spelled right.” Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer I’m getting old. And crusty. And with my aging condition I’ve developed indispensable rituals and habits, like grocery shopping at 7:00 […]

Who Cares ABOUT US?

November 16, 2015 by Kaszas Marketing

Who Cares ABOUT US? “The human mind is capable of excitement without the application of gross and violent stimulants; and he must have a very faint perception of its beauty and dignity who does not know this.” – William Wordsworth One of the more debated subjects about web design, and other related marketing collateral for […]

Yes, Really! (It’s Holiday Greeting Time)

October 19, 2015 by Maria Ford

It’s time to think about your company’s holiday greeting. Why now? Because updating your contact list, having the greeting conceived, written, and designed; approved; printed (or posted to the web); signed by employees; and so on all takes time. Ideally, you’ll send them out 2-3 weeks before the holiday. Seasonal greetings are often overlooked as potentially […]

Volkswagen, the Power of Brand and the Art of Willful Ignorance

September 29, 2015 by Kaszas Marketing

One of my favorite car companies has broken my heart, and that of untold numbers of other car lovers. We’re in the midst of the Volkswagen eco-diesel scandal and it will likely take some time for the full truth of what and how it happened to be revealed. Details are still sketchy, but the implications […]

Branding – Where Have all The Bad Guys Gone?

June 15, 2015 by Kaszas Marketing

“Gimmick: a unique or quirky special feature that makes something ‘stand out’ from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought to be of little relevance or use.” – Wikipedia I must admit that in the last decade I’ve lost a fair bit of my love for professional wrestling. I blame it to a […]

Creative Control

May 4, 2015 by Kaszas Marketing

“If you were to give America an enema, you’d place the tube right here.” Professional Wrestler Bret “The Hit Man” Hart, to an angry crowd in his “heel” days Pro wrestlers are unique individuals. The best ones are equal parts world-class athlete, actor, entertainer, and show person. Their job is to make you love them […]

Going Over-The-Top: A Case Study on Attacking Yourself

April 20, 2015 by Kaszas Marketing

“We have met the enemy, and they are us.” Walt Kelly’s twist on Oliver Hazard Perry’s famous quip, circa 1953 A little while ago I wrote a post about how successful companies attack themselves, as opposed to attacking others. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) enterprise is a master at this, and this article is to […]

Do You Kayfabe?

March 29, 2015 by Kaszas Marketing

This is the first in a series of blogs that looks to the professional wrestling industry for lessons to be learned in marketing and promotion. “ Kayfabe: The unspoken rule that wrestlers should stay in character during the show and in public appearances in order to maintain a feeling of reality among the fans” – […]

Year in Review: Favourite Posts

December 15, 2014 by Maria Ford

  I’ve been looking back over our marketing blog posts from 2014 – these are my favourites! Some of them are ones that clients said inspired them. Some struck a chord with clients. Some are just my personal favourites. Enjoy this “year in review”: Holding on to Sameness …the pull of inertia is ever present. After […]

From Circle-K to Apple, Brands are Much More than Stamps

October 28, 2014 by Maria Ford

A recent infographic about the neuroscience of how the brain processes logos seems proof of how complex our relationships with brands are. Despite decades of independence from my parents, I still use the same laundry detergent and fabric softener I grew up with. At some point, my Mom actually switched brands of dish detergent and it […]

Holding on to Sameness

July 14, 2014 by Maria Ford

  What was the last Big Change that you made in your life? I mean something dramatic, something that felt like a huge risk. It may have been a new career, a financial risk, ending a relationship or starting a new one, or deciding to jump head-first into a new activity or venture. I’ve done […]