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4Forward Re-Branding & Marketing Plan

4Forward, formerly FocusFit Multimedia Learning, first contacted Kaszas Marketing during a period of transition. With 25 years of experience in the delivery of learning and training services, the firm had established itself as an expert and reliable source for both private enterprises and public institutions. The firm came to us with a desire to expand the business and more fully leverage its successes and expertise in leadership development.

We began by performing a Marketing Audit with the goal of creating a roadmap to grow the business. Our finding and recommendations provided the firm with needed clarity and direction. It revealed what clients most value about the firm, and identified its true “secret sauce”, which we also gave a name to. Our findings demonstrated their best opportunity within its market space and provided a go-forward plan to tackle that new direction.

Subsequently, we facilitated a one-day offsite meeting for the company’s team to deeply explore more concretely define the firm’s secret sauce and new offer model. As a consequence of our recommendation that the firm pursue a “big, hairy, audacious goal”, they embarked on a Re-Naming and Re-Branding exercise and ambitious plan to re-invent.


Our findings mapped a way forward – with options – for the firm and helped to better understand, clarify, and articulate its key differentiation. This gave the owner confidence to move forward with a bold new brand and positioning strategy. Our work provided important focus for the company as it decided where and how to best spend its budget and resources for rejuvenation.

We helped to guide a renaming activity and developed the firm’s new 4Forward brand, and provided a marketing plan both strategic and tactical. We also created and updated a living communications calendar that mapped out key marcom activities and themes for the calendar year.

Today, we are redeveloping the firm’s website to provide stronger marketing positioning, sales support, lead generation, and a bold new face to the world.