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Camp Fortune

Project Summary

Camp Fortune is a ski resort in Chelsea, Quebec, well-known in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for its downhill ski runs. The resort also hosts banquet facilities for weddings and retreats, and features a set of ziplines and mountain biking trails for summer use. To provide visitors with timely information, Camp Fortune offers distinct website experiences based on the season. From May to October, a “summer” version of the site highlights its zip line, mountain biking, and banquet facilities. In the winter months, the site presents skiing and snowboarding information.

As a business with two distinct seasonal offerings, Camp Fortune faced a unique challenge: how could it ensure that its website was properly search engine optimized for both winter and summer activities? We provided unique seasonal search engine optimization for each of its sites, and subsequently have implemented very successful pay-per-click advertising campaigns.


Following our proven search engine optimization (SEO) methodology, we first analyzed the search engine performance of the company’s existing summer website. We then performed keyword research and competitor analyses to determine the most popular phrases used to search for the summer activities offered by Camp Fortune. We learned that while the resort was well-ranked on its main summer activity, it did not rank well on non-local searches, nor for one of its most important summer business offerings. To improve results, we delivered a report that outlined key technical, content, and architectural recommendations for the resort to implement on the summer site.

Based on the success of the summer SEO project (see results under “Impact” below), Camp Fortune then engaged Kaszas to optimize its winter website for search. Our research uncovered a list of ski and snowboard keywords for which the site could be better optimized, and we developed a second SEO report with specific recommendations for the winter site.

Our Pay-Per-Click advertising services have subsequently helped to drive more new sales through the website. We began with a seasonal promotion campaign that exceeded sales targets, and now help the company run ads year-round. These ads change frequently with each season to promote specific, timely offers, and target multiple demographics.


Our SEO service produced these returns:

  • A 20% increase in traffic from search engines and improved rankings on key summer and winter search terms.
  • The Winter site is now found on the first search engine results page for seven key phrases for which it was previously not among the top 50 results.
  • The Summer site is now found on the second page of search results for highly-competitive keywords for which it was not previously among the top 50 results.
  • A roadmap for a new, more user-friendly site architecture.

Our PPC strategy and maintenance has produced these returns:

  • High click-through rates have generated greater awareness; high conversion rates have exceeded sales targets
  • Campaign landing pages have dramatically increased overall website visits
  • New inquiries for the company’s lesser-known service offerings
  • Useful data that we are mining for continuous improvement in both SEO and PPC