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Daya Organic Spa

Project Summary

Daya Organic Spa – Ottawa’s wholly organic, full-service spa – needed a marketing partner to understand the firm’s practices and challenges, and to create and execute a plan that would support its business goals. Kaszas Marketing provided this unique spa with an Audit that resulted in a new marketing and web platform that includes pay-per-click advertising, a new look-and-feel, website, and e-commerce.


We first conducted an Audit of the spa and its competitors. This included a marketing and communications audit, competitive research, and secret shopping. Based on our findings, we recommended a variety of changes to the spa’s environment and operations, as well as a new online presence. We provided:

  • Pay-per-click advertising strategy and maintenance
  • Recommendations to improve the spa’s walk-in appeal
  • Recommendations to improve the customer¬†experience
  • Updates to traffic flows in the¬†spa’s physical space to enhance the customer experience and retail activity
  • Updated key messages, photography, and look-and-feel for the spa’s marketing materials
  • A new search-optimized, mobile-friendly website and online boutique
  • Signage, brochure, flyers, trade show graphics, and more


The spa almost immediately saw an increase in traffic and sales attributed to our pay-per-click activities. The spa’s website is now easy to use, navigate, and maintain – and visually represents the spa’s experience. The Shopify-based online boutique enables Daya to provide more convenient product sales to existing and new clientele, and to capitalize on its unique organic beauty product offerings.