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Guertin Real Estate Lawyers

Services Used

  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Branding & Brand Alignment
  • Promotional Marketing Writing

Project Summary

We helped this law firm take a completely unique approach to generating business: by branding. We planned and executed a complete brand design, including positioning, messaging, logo and look-and-feel, as well as a marketing plan and key marketing collateral.


To identify and hone the company’s brand, we began by interviewing the  firm’s key clients and partners to understand the firm’s existing identity and key audiences. After reviewing competitor identities and marketing collateral, we developed branding concepts (logos with key messages) and refined them with Guertin. In addition, we established a key message hierarchy to guide the law firm when developing content.

Based on the key messages and chosen brand concept, we helped Guertin develop is web site, ad campaigns and print collateral (including design, content and implementation).

We also ensured that all marketing collateral proves out the “Open Door” brand promise, including fixed, no-surprise pricing, a easy to use and informative web site, and more.

Finally, Kaszas designed a three-year marketing plan – including financials – to guide the firm’s activities.


The “Open Door” brand is unique in the industry, and sets the firm apart by focusing on its key differentiation and client experience. The brand also conveys both the client’s focus on real estate law and the client’s open, accessible approach to business.

After the brand launch (via web and bench advertising), Guertin received immediate referrals from existing clients and partners. Most importantly, Guertin has found that the website has cut down on consulting time spent with each client, enabling greater focus on completing client cases and building the business.

In addition to receiving exceptional feedback from partners and clients on all elements of the brand and collateral, agents and builders have taken a renewed interest in the firm, increasing referral business.

As a result of its re-brand, the firm is on track to achieve – and exceed – its business goals based on brand strength and effectiveness of marketing tools.