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KDM Analytics

Project Summary

KDM Analytics helps risk managers quantify, measure and prioritize cyber risks, so they can make informed decisions on where to focus budgets and resources. Although the firm was highly regarded in its space, its existing messaging and positioning undersold its capabilities and achievements. The company also wished to begin offering its tools as products, and needed a stronger marketing and communication platform to support that goal.

Kaszas Marketing worked closely with the company’s stakeholders on a communications audit that led to stronger positioning, an updated visual design, and a completely redesigned website.


Following our proven methodology, we began by conducting a communications audit that analyzed all existing communication materials and competitor materials. By understanding the existing communications landscape, we gained the insights needed to develop a positioning framework and set of key messages to serve as a communications blueprint for the future.

Through a critical analysis of the research, we identified where KDM Analytics needed to focus its communications priorities and investments and worked with the company to:

  • Develop a new messaging and positioning platform that included a key message hierarchy, tagline, value proposition, company boilerplate, and more.
  • Update and revamp its corporate visual identity to include a new logo, colour palette, look-and-feel, and brand book.
  • Develop a new website, including design, content, and search engine optimization.
  • Develop new product information sheets and a business case.


Our process engaged the company’s leaders in critical discussions that helped them to agree upon and hone their focus and approach to market.

With its new marketing communications platform and website, KDM Analytics is now pursuing its growth plans with the pride and confidence that a solid marketing platform brings.

We continue to work with KDM Analytics to provide additional marketing services.