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Les Entreprises Bonhomme

Services Used

  • Turnkey Marketing and Commercialization
  • Media Plans
  • Creative Ink
  • Websites & Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding and Brand Alignment
  • Sponsorship Programs

Project Summary

Les Entreprises P. Bonhomme (EPB) has a rich lineage that dates back to 1898. Its brands include Bytown Lumber, Matériaux Bonhomme, Total Fence, The Door Shop and several other subsidiaries. In an age of torrid competition from big box stores EPB has been able to not only sustain its business, but grow it substantially through superb customer support, prompt and courteous service, and a focus on thinking outside the big box.


EPB uses Kaszas Marketing as a turnkey business arm that conducts the majority of its marketing campaigns and programs. The breadth of the EPB organization has allowed us to apply our expertise in a number of areas.

Kaszas helped create an Island Program whereby each individual store is allowed to market in the language of its region, sponsor local charities, and underwrite local events of interest while benefiting from the strength of the umbrella brand as part of a stewardship program.

We created multi-level media calendars and subsequent collateral that caters to local and broader regional needs. These efforts span print media, television advertising, flyer distribution, specialty auction programs, corporate stewardship and a variety of other channels.

Kaszas also recommended new business units when it was practical and preferable, and gave these their own identity in terms of look and feel, messaging and positioning. These units required brand work, web site design, media plans, content, message maps, collateral and advertising programs that were delivered by Kaszas.

In addition, Kaszas created a bilingual web presence for the company that includes regional micro-sites, reciprocal linking, flyer downloading, and an intranet for internal business use. We also commercialized new programs that offer the sale of home packages and kit products, and we assisted in the design and realignment of new stores and divisions.


Les Entreprises P. Bonhomme has grown its business substantially in the last five years as a result of its renewed marketing efforts. It has also cemented its position as a viable, competitive and client-focused alternative to its big box competitors. The company’s web site generates more than 10,000 visitors per month, and its hard copy distribution numbers in the tens of millions of pages per year. Its brand is once again viewed as consequential and influential in the building materials space, and each individual business unit and regional operation has flourished as its own business island.

By using Kaszas Marketing as a strategic partner, EPB benefits from:

  • support in both strategic and tactical market planning
  • ongoing governance of all brands
  • dedicated long range planning related to media and distribution buys
  • endless supply of creative materials
  • a partner that can vet, process, and implement new programs and initiatives

The firm’s personnel are also able to focus their resources on operational and business development efforts knowing that all marketing and communications initiatives are fostered and cared for in a consistent and professional manner.