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Modern Niagara Group

Project Summary

Modern Niagara Group provides contracting to clients who build, own, or manage properties with complex mechanical building systems. Although the organization has grown organically through acquisition to become one of the largest of its kind in Canada, it lacked a proper brand and messaging platform.

Kaszas Marketing worked closely with the company’s stakeholders on a Brand Discovery and Alignment project.


Following our proven methodology, we began by conducting a landscape survey to evaluate the context in which the Modern Niagara Group brand lives. This included analyzing competitors’ brands, messaging, and approaches to the market as well as that of similar companies in related markets. We also evaluated Modern Niagara’s existing brand and communications, auditing it against internal and external perspectives.

Through 14 stakeholder interviews we came to understand internal perspectives on Modern Niagara, its brand, its challenges, needs, goals, customers, and competitors.

We then conducted comprehensive customer interviews, surveying a cross-section of the organization’s customer across business units and geographies. This provided insights into customer perspectives, values, needs, and the language customers use when thinking about mechanical and related building services.

Through a critical analysis of the research, we identified where the organization would need to focus its brand and marketing priorities and investments. We then developed a new key message and positioning platform for the organization, and worked with our design partner, Pivot Design Group, to evolve the organization’s visual identity and provide it with a consistent brand system and Brand Book.


Although Modern Niagara Group had never before undertaken a marketing or branding project, the company’s stakeholders quickly realized the value of a thoughtful, consistent, and research-based approach to how it presents itself to the market.

Our process engaged the company’s leaders in critical discussions that helped them to agree upon and hone their focus and approach to market.

For the first time, the Modern Niagara Group is experiencing the confidence and pride that comes with having a powerful, standardized, customer-focused message platform and brand system. This platform provides a solid foundation upon which the firm is now building out critical collateral, marketing communication programs, and a new website to pursue growth based on a powerful national brand.

The brand is also easily, quickly, and consistently applied to new lines of business and acquisitions as these growth events occur.

We continue to work with Modern Niagara Group to provide ongoing marketing management and roll-out services.