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OCM Manufacturing

Project Summary

OCM Manufacturing and Kaszas have enjoyed a long-term business relationship since 2005. At that time, this contract electronics manufacturer had a great thing going – but nobody knew it. OCM initially approached Kaszas to advise it on a marketing strategy and execute that plan. We researched and developed a new approach to marketing – and an updated brand – for OCM. Since that time, we have served as OCM’s virtual marketing department, managing the positioning, brand, and all marketing communications activities.


Kaszas performed a competitive communications analysis and customer research to identify OCM’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Based on this research, we formulated and documented a unique and effective messaging and positioning strategy that would speak with relevance and in compelling language to OCM’s target audience. We also prepared a marketing plan that included rebranding, a new web site, animated Flash facility ‘tour’, newsletter, white papers and other communications activities.

Today, we continue to drive OCM’s marketing, communications and media relations activities via our Virtual Marketing Management service. Acting as OCM’s virtual makerting team, we:

  • Manage the company’s living communications plan
  • Ensure that OCM continues to produce and promote relevant new content and communication
  • Provide marketing communications advice, promotion, and support for hosted events
  • Continue to develop various lead-generation and lead-qualification tools, as well as many materials that are valuable throughout the sales cycle
  • Perform keyword research and maintain search-engine optimization of the website.


In 2006, OCM launched a revitalized brand that received excellent feedback from audiences, and which continues to serve the company well today.

OCM  learned a new approach to its marketing and communications and is proactively addressing a challenging industry and economy.

In 2016, we relaunched a revamped website to support OCM’s growth.