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Services Used

  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • Websites & Search Engine Optimization
  • Virtual Marketing Management

Project Summary

This provider of industrial 3D scanners has been a client of Kaszas Marketing for many years. In addition to helping the company refresh its corporate messaging and positioning, and improve online lead-generation, we have helped ShapeGrabber optimize and redesign two iterations of its corporate website.

In 2016, we helped ShapeGrabber update its website. The new site, built on the most recent technology, features a modern look and feel that integrates best practices in navigation and works well on mobile devices. The site is also search engine optimized and designed to accommodate quick changes related to product information, news, articles, and more. Visit the new site at


Through our Virtual Marketing Management service, Kaszas:

  • Prepared a key message strategy that guided us as we developed content for the company’s initial website redesign project and promotional materials.
  • Re-designed and refreshed the website on two occasions and, each time, developed a new content architecture to make the site more robust and useful for all audiences.
  • Performed search engine optimization (SEO) research to identify ShapeGrabber’s current search performance compared to the most popular search terms used online. Based on our research, we developed a list of prioritized keywords that we included in web copy and website metadata to boost ShapeGrabber’s search engine rankings on relevant terms.
  • Provides ongoing services. We provide ShapeGrabber with ongoing web and quarterly newsletter writing, customer case study writing, with pay-per-click advertising campaign strategy and management, and more through our Virtual Marketing Management service.


ShapeGrabber’s messaging strategy differentiates the company and clearly explains the company’s value proposition. The company continually drives more highly qualified traffic than ever before to its website through both organic and paid search.

The newest ShapeGrabber website features a mobile-friendly interface, search engine optimization, clear and effective navigation, and various resources and sales tools.

Kaszas continues to provide services to ShapeGrabber, including online advertising campaign development, continual search engine optimization, marketing writing/editing, and more.