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The Attain Group

Project Summary

After completing its second year in business, The Attain Group was growing and solidifying its market opportunity. The telecommunications consulting company needed effective messaging and positioning as well as a more effective website and corporate image. Attain was struggling to present its vast array of services, capabilities, and expertise in a succinct manner, to effectively convey its value proposition, and to differentiate itself within the market.

Attain chose Kaszas Marketing to develop a branding, marketing, and messaging strategy as well as the company’s first website.

Seven years later, after executing our recommendations with great success, Attain had us conduct a new Marketing Audit to help the company plan its future.



During the Critical Analysis phase of our work, we began by interviewing the firm’s key clients to understand the existing perception, identity, value offerings and key audiences. We assessed and aligned these perspectives with an analysis of competitors’ identities and marketing communications, as well as keyword research.

Based on our findings and recommendations, we developed branding concepts (logos and key messages) and worked with attain to refine and finalize these. This included establishing a key message hierarchy and repackaging the company’s services offerings.

We planned, developed, designed, wrote and launched a website that included an easy-to-maintain content management system.


Seven years later, we conducted a new Marketing Audit — including Customer Survey and Customer Interviews — to answer the questions, “how are we doing?” and, “what do we need to do next?”


The new approach that we initially developed for Attain to package its offerings made it easier to convey, understand, and engage the company’s services. The brand and tagline that we created for Attain better differentiated the company and has proven to stand the test of time, becoming even more relevant as the firm’s technology and competitive landscapes evolve.

The company’s website continues to serve as a strong marketing tool that supports the sales cycle, particularly during the proposal tendering and bid-and-spec process.

By revisiting its business, positioning, competitive landscape, and customer perceptions, Attain can proceed with confidence as its industry and competitive landscape change dramatically. We were able to clearly identify Attain’s progress, where it can improve focus — and most importantly, what the firm needs to do to maintain dominance.