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Total Fence/Clôtures Bonhomme

Project Summary

Total Fence is one of Ottawa-Carleton’s largest and most successful fencing and landscaping design and contracting businesses. It operates under the name Clôtures Bonhomme in the Outaouais region. Its services include fencing, decking, hardscapes and commercial guide rail and fencing. The company was rebranded from scratch in 2009 by its owners immediately before the Spring rush.


Kaszas Marketing worked closely with the company’s stakeholders on brand optimization, mission statements, web presence, and growth tactics with a focus on long-term organic growth. Timing was critical as the rebrand of the company occurred immediately before the Spring season rush. The official launch included a mix of unaddressed mail, bus board campaigns, trade shows, site signage, promotions, and store design.

Having outgrown its original business goals and flush with new market development funds, we were contracted to create two totally new web sites in 2013 to accommodate the growth in products and services for both Total Fence and its sister operation in Quebec, Clôtures Bonhomme.

Our detailed knowledge of the company allows Total Fence to rely on us for a wide variety of supporting tasks including advertising, job postings, trade show materials, collateral, web maintenance, photography, signage, pay-per-click, promotions, and catalogs.


Total Fence has grown organically through quality web content, contextual linking, and concise communications plans. Its web site is visited by upwards of 3,500 visitors per month and has proven to be its most successful lead-generation activity. In 2013 the company launched follow-on services to its core fencing business including decking and hardscapes and is now tasked with relocating due to subsequent business growth.

We continue to work with Total Fence to provide ongoing marketing management and promotional services.