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WKI helps organizations find the business value in science and technology ideas, concepts and projects. Its dynamic, visual tools and models guide innovators to develop the business value proposition of their ideas and proposals, and its approach provides a systematic way to identify and communicate the business value that lives inside innovation.

Kaszas Marketing has worked with WKI on a variety of projects, including strategic marketing program recommendations, key message development, customer case studies, website content creation, and book editing.

Full-Service Marketing Support

Kaszas founder, Maria Ford, initially worked with WKI founder, Wendy Kennedy, to help her vision of a “commercialization toolkit” come to life in the form of a workbook. Following the publication of the book, Kaszas worked closely with Kennedy to understand her business, her clients, and the WKI brand to provide a variety of support services.

More recently, we performed a comprehensive Marketing Audit that has helped to clarify the company’s business model, target market, competition, and customers. This led to updated, more targeted and powerful positioning and messaging and a more effective.

We continue to work with WKI to provide ongoing marketing and communication support.