Customer Stories & Application Notes

Akendi Customer Story

Through this customer story, we helped Akendi explain and share the success of the research, user interviews, and online information architecture work it performed for the Ontario Medical Association.

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Senstar Application Note

Sometimes, you have a great success story to tell but it’s not possible to name specific clients. We wrote this application note for Senstar to showcase its successes in Correctional Services environments. While not naming specific customers, the application note effectively demonstrates Senstar’s specific knowledge of the needs of segments within the industry.

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Beyond 20/20-DBX Geomatics Case Study

We wrote this comprehensive joint case study for Beyond 20/20 and DBX Geomatics, describing a sophisticated OLAP data mapping application in use by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

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PIKA Case Study

We helped PIKA talk about its success with NuVoxx – a developer of interactive voice response (IVR) services – in this customer case study.

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ZEC Lubrication Case Study

This customer case study was one of a number of deliverables that were part of our work to refine ZEC Lubrication’s messaging and provide tools for its sales staff.

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Innovapost Case Study

We’ve helped Innovapost create a number of customer success stories through our unique customer interview process. Innovapost uses these stories to promote, validate and sell its services across Canada.

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Macadamian Case Study

We helped Macadamian share the success it had with with ecobee – developer of a programmable home thermostat – in this customer case study.

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We helped WKI explain how MTEC SmartZone implemented the firm’s So what? who cares? why you? methodology.

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Klocwork Case Study

We helped Klocwork explain how its software development productivity tools helped Sencore ensure high-reliability video transmission.

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Kaszas helped N-Able explain how InfiniNetwork escaped the commodity spiral with N-Able’s N-central platform and services

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