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KDM Analytics Logo

KDM Analytics Logo

We helped KDM Analytics design a modern logo that conveys its ability to recognize, measure, and quantify cybersecurity risk.

The red “ping” represents the identification and prioritization of a cybersecurity risk within the context of an entire system.

4Forward Identity

4Forward Identity

We participated in the renaming and rebranding of this company, developing not only its new logo but also the company’s overall visual identity.

We also created this instructional design company’s new tagline, “Learning with impact”.

Nepean Hearing Logo

We refreshed Nepean Hearing Clinic’s brand – including this logo and tagline – based on the findings of our Marketing Audit. This logo replaced the firm’s previous “home made” logo with a clean and inviting design, and gave the business owner high-quality files for use in print and signage.

Manufacturing Week Identity

We created the visual identity for the Manufacturing Week event in Eastern Ontario, as well as the “We MADE it in Ontario!” tagline, which focuses on manufacturing success and which was purposely used to counter “manufacturing is dead” press that did not accurately reflect the state of the industry.

Guertin Lawyers Logo

The logo we designed for Guertin Lawyers represents the firm’s focus on real-estate law. The icon represents the client’s ultimate goal: to open the door to a newly purchased home. The logo complements the tagline that we also developed: Opening Doors for Generations.

Exertech Logo

We designed this logo to represent Exertech, an Ottawa-based firm providing maintenance and repair for commercial fitness equipment. The icon is dynamic, representing speedy, flexible customer service while conjuring images of an exercise ball and a person in motion.


We created this logo for the Eastern Ontario Manufacturers Network (EOMN). Due to the great diversity of manufacturing in the region, the logo uses a simple icon that nonetheless represents a variety of manufacturing types. It is simple and modern, and the typeface conveys strength and stability.

EcoTellus Logo

We designed this logo for EcoTellus, which constructs turnkey homes with low-carbon footprints. Two versions of the logo are available – one with greater detail and one with slightly less detail for small-scale applications.

The Attain Group Logo

After conducting a comprehensive Marketing Audit, we gave The Attain Group a new logo to better reflect the value it offers to clients. The icon represents building blocks as well as ascension, the font is modern and accessible, while the colour palette is a more contemporary spin on more traditional, conservative identities in the firm’s industry.

DOUVRIS Logo Redesign

We provided DOUVRIS with a consistent brand identity and Brandbook. We refreshed its logo to reflect the company’s excellent reputation in the region and worldwide. We maintained hallmarks of the original brand, but dramatically improved the logo’s strength and usability.

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OCM Manufacturing Logo

We designed OCM Manufacturing’s new identity after conducting an in-depth Marketing Audit. The logo is modern and conveys accessibility. The icon has a double meaning: it represents calipers handling an electronic component (quality), as well as a person, seen from above, carefully handling a customer’s product (care).