Technology & Positioning Papers

Macadamian Outsourcing Paper

We helped Macadamian write a white paper to help customers determine the optimal outsourcing strategy for their software development projects.

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Klocwork White Paper

We helped Klockwork write a white paper on effective threat modeling and the development of secure embedded software.

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ZEC Lubrication White Paper

This white paper was one of a number of deliverables that were part of our work to refine ZEC Lubrication’s messaging and provide tools for its sales staff.

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8 Usability Mistakes White Paper

We helped Macadamian write a usability white paper aimed at an important target audience: the medical community.

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PureShare White Paper

We helped PureShare write a white paper on proactive risk management aimed at the company’s insurance prospects.

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OCM Manufacturing White Paper

We helped OCM Manufacturing write a white paper on the company’s lead-free manufacturing abilities.

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