Infographics & Illustrations

Capabilities Illustration

We developed a family of these wireframe building illustrations to demonstrate at a glance Modern Niagara’s capabilities in various areas of its business.

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Animated Illustration

We conceived, developed, and animated this custom illustration for multiple uses, including on the company’s website and in slide presentations.

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St. Nickfographic

We illustrated the power of infographics with our own 2013 holiday greeting card. This memorable, humorous greeting received excellent feedback.

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Company Credentials Infographic

We use this infographic to demonstrate some of Kaszas Marketing’s own credentials.

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Management Portfolio Infographic

We created this infographic to demonstrate at a glance the size of our client’s real estate management portfolio.

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25-Year History Infographic

We created this infographic in honour of our client’s 25th anniversary. It is used on their website and is hung in large format in their head office.

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Company Facts & Figures Infographic

This infographic demonstrates the breadth and depth of our client’s capabilities and experience.

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