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Communications and Content that’s on the mark.

The ability to convey relevant information to an audience – whether it’s one person, or many – is a critical component of marketing. Effective marketing communications and writing creates winning conditions that support your business and sales goals. This is where we excel. We can ramp-up on new topics and industries very quickly, and we are subject matter experts in a variety of fields, from literature to technology to retailing. Here are just a few areas where we can help get your message out:

Web Writing

Where art and science meet. Today, your website is likely the first place a prospect will encounter you. How they find your organization – and what they do when they arrive on your site – has a great deal to do with how the content is written. Your website is your primary “face to the world” and you do not want to leave its content to amateurs. We have literally been writing for the web since it was born, and we understand that what worked five years ago may not be relevant today. Our goal is to ensure that your site is found, read, and remembered.

Blogs, Papers and Editorials

Wrap your expertise in a package that delivers results. Strong marketing and communication content is at our core. Application notes, blogs, papers and editorials are just a few of our specialties, along with expert interviewing and story writing services. We apply our expertise in marketing journalism to ensure that the material we create is concise and engaging – and that it will hit the mark you’ve set for it. Whether the goal is to educate, generate leads, close deals, or create interest, we produce content that delivers.

Marketing Collateral

Online and offline collateral that’s on-brand, on-message, and straight to the point. We’re experts at planning, writing, and working with designers to produce marketing collateral that resonates with your target audience. Properly designed marketing collateral conveys information clearly and compels the reader to take action. Whether it’s a small ad in a local paper; an 8-page brochure; or a trade show display, properly crafted words within a thoughtfully designed framework can create enormous impact.


You talk, we write, your audience wins. Newsletters can be excellent vehicles for maintaining communication with customers, stakeholders, and employees. In many companies, however, gathering the content for newsletters is a chore, and much of the best content never sees the light of day due to time constraints on subject matter experts. Our newsletter writing services can get you back on track.

Social media writing

#GetHeard. When used strategically, social media can help you generate mind share, leads, industry recognition, and position you in the manner you desire. It can establish your brand as a subject matter expert, thought leader, beacon, or trusted source. On the other hand, poor use of social media can harm your brand. We make sure your social media is relevant, shared, and talked about.

Press Releases and Media Kits

Feed editors great content. High-quality press releases and media kits deliver messages that editors want to cover – and they make it easy for them to do so. Kaszas can create complete media packages to meet your particular public relations goals.

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