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Web Writing

Writing that reflects the quality of your brand.

Today, your website is likely the first place a prospect will encounter you. How they find your organization – and what they do when they arrive on your site – has a great deal to do with how the content is written. Your website is your primary “face to the world” and you do not want to leave its content to amateurs.

Successful web writing is both an art and a science. 

Here are just a few of the considerations we keep in mind when developing website content:

  • Web writing must be optmized to work on a variety of devices, including smart phones with small screen sizes
  • Messages must be clear and concise – visitors will give up on excessive content if they can’t quickly find what they need
  • The content must accommodate a wide variety of “pathways” that visitors may take
  • Content needs to be consistent in form and style
  • Web writing must reflect the personality of the brand and the company
  • Marketing websites must make compelling offers and elicit action
  • Communication websites must properly target the intended audience(s) and be well organized

Our staff has fine tuned its web writing expertise over several decades. We have literally been writing for the web since it was born, and we understand that what worked five years ago may not be relevant today. Our goal is to ensure that your site is found, read, and remembered.

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