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Kaszas Newsletter

Straight to the Point is our monthly newsletter – it always features useful information for people involved in marketing and communications – new knowledge, professional resources, tips, tricks and case studies.

Kaszas NewsletterClients tell us they love our monthly Kaszas Newsletter. They say it’s informative, thought provoking, and even inspirational. We strive to make our e-newsletter helpful and easy to read – and we’d love it if you signed up to receive it!


Is there an e-newsletter in your business?

Would you like one?  We have experience with dozens of e-newsletters, including design, content, and distribution. In many cases, e-newsletters have become a staple of our clients’ proactive marketing communications programs.

A properly executed newsletter letter receives a strong open rate, gets shared, invokes dialogue, leads to follow-on business and new sales.

Some tips on Newsletters

  • Design and content are critical. Your newsletter must be written and designed both thoughtfully and professionally.
  • A newsletter is not just about promoting products or services. It’s about conveying valuable information that benefits recipients.
  • Measure what you do. If you go through the effort of creating and sending out a newsletter, you must be willing to measure results and fine-tune your offer on an ongoing basis.
  • Be aware of the legal implications of sending out e-communications to unaware recipients. Privacy and electronic communications legislation has evolved substantially over the past several years and varies by country. You must be aware of the regulations and act in good faith.

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