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The Top 5 Times to Use an Infographic

October 17, 2017 by Andrew Symes

As part of our content writing, we’re always looking for opportunities to transform text to graphics. Infographics are powerful because they present key information in a way that is succinct, visual, and easy to share.

When to Use an Infographic

Infographics are useful whenever your content is lengthy or otherwise difficult for readers to understand in written form. We’ve found that infographics are especially effective in these situations:

1) To list facts

Lists and facts can be boring! Here’s an example of how we used an infographic to make a list of facts more engaging.

2) When communicating a process

Processes, by definition, are mundane. Infographics are ideal for visualizing a series of steps in an engaging way. Use an infographic to quickly convey your product/service process to the world, or to remind employees of an internal process to follow. They can also be shared internally and converted into larger products such as posters.


3) To present a timeline

Infographics can highlight corporate milestones, product evolutions, and important events. Consider using them in corporate/product history pages, “about us” pages, and in corporate brochures or handouts.

See the full infographic:

See the full infographic: 

4) When comparing items

Specification lists, checklists, and lists of pros and cons can make excellent infographics. Use infographics to compare and contrast key product attributes across a number of variables. Good icons and images make these infographics stand out and they are much more appealing than a simple text-based table.

See this infographic and other examples of comparative infographics here: 

5) For quick reference guides

Infographics can be useful as “go-to” materials for frequent tasks or even one-time setup scenarios. We often refer to the following guide when posting to social media. If you create a useful infographic that’s directly related to a user’s task, people will keep it handy!

See the full infographic:

How to Create an Effective Infographic

In our next blog post, we’ll interview a professional infographic designer and share our top tips for creating infographics that that grab attention *and* communicate your message. Stay tuned!

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