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Web & Social Media

Online Marketing that gets you seen, heard, and remembered.

Our web and social media expertise can provide you with an online marketing presence that gets results without breaking the bank. Our proven methodology and knowledge of online marketing ensures that you will be positioned online in an optimum manner, and with lasting effect. We achieve this by applying best practices to generate “organic” results, and then supplementing this with paid media streams only where true value can be achieved.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our web and social media marketing services, and what they can mean to you:

Web Design and Content

A great website positions your business to achieve organizational goals.Our website design service is all-inclusive to ensure that your online presence will reflect your brand and your offering in the most appropriate format for your audience. Our team includes talented strategists, communication architects, engineers, designers, and writers. Together, we will research, recommend, and develop the best possible website solution for your needs.

Social Media – the New Kid on the Block

Everyone’s talking about social media – but can it actually help your business?Many social media marketing programs go stale quickly. That could be due to a lack of strategy, experience, resources, or commitment – but what if social media is one of your best potential marketing and/or sales tools? We’ll figure that out – and we’ll help you to get an effective social media marketing practice off the ground!

Search Engine Optimization – Get Found

Everybody wants to be “first on Google” – but only one business can be. In many instances, those businesses are our clients. We understand the many factors and intricacies of being visible in organic search and paid search because we work in online marketing every day. And we can assure you that you can’t simply click a few buttons and achieve a first-page ranking. It takes proper keyword research, word crafting, and several other skills to achieve results. We help our clients to make full use of all aspects of online marketing, web promotion and search marketing – including search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, back links and more. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen every get-first-quick SEO and pay-per-click claim and scam – and we like nothing more than making sure our clients spend their money more wisely.

Paid Advertising – Generate leads & sales while controlling budget and measuring returns. 

To complement or enhance search engine optimization, many companies experiment with pay-per-click advertising (PPC). A strong PPC strategy includes the correct selection of keywords, the right offer, proper ad targeting, exceptional writing, and a solid bid strategy. Although pay-per-click advertising can be exceptionally effective as a lead-generation and advertising method, it is often used poorly, which leads to disappointing results. A properly conceived and monitored PPC program can generate substantial returns while providing a detailed level ROI reporting that is hard to achieve through conventional advertising.

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