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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Generate leads & sales while controlling budget and measuring returns.

To complement or enhance search engine optimization, many companies experiment with pay-per-click advertising (PPC). A strong PPC strategy includes the correct selection of keywords, the right offer, proper ad targeting, exceptional writing, and a solid bid strategy.

Although pay-per-click advertising can be exceptionally effective as a lead-generation and advertising method, it is often used poorly, which leads to disappointing results. A properly conceived and monitored PPC program can generate substantial returns while providing a detailed level ROI reporting that is hard to achieve through conventional advertising.

We offer PPC audits and PPC advertising services to help you achieve the best returns on your online marketing investment. Our Pay Per Click Advertising Audit service includes:

  • Researching and validating the most appropriate keywords and bids
  • Examining competitive keywords
  • Reviewing any existing or past PPC campaigns and results
  • Analyzing and recommending a budget
  • Creating the PPC strategy that defines which ads will be placed where, when, and to whom
  • Creating effective landing pages and call-to-action funnels

We can also provide training to your staff or we can be retained to implement, monitor, manage, and measure a PPC campaign.

With daily experience in the design and management of PPC campaigns, we are aware of both the pitfalls and opportunities that lie in PPC. If you are looking to run a successful pay-per-click program that delivers results, please contact us!