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Search Engine Optimization

Do SEO once, and do it right.

You’ve invested in a beautiful new website, but no one is visiting it. You don’t show up on web searches, and you get no leads.

Today’s websites are too often guided strictly by appearance, with barely a passing thought given to proper search engine optimization (SEO). When SEO is considered during the design of a site, it is often poorly executed via automated tools and no expert intervention. Here are just a few reasons why your search engine optimization may not be effective:

  1. Your web pages may not contain the information that search engines are looking for
  2. The keywords you are using may not be the right ones for your target audience and/or may not be the BEST ones to reach your goals
  3. Your page content may be poor or may not follow best practices for search engine performance

Our comprehensive search engine optimization uses human subject matter expertise that a machine or program can’t provide, including:

  • Performing manual keyword and key phrase research in order to understand the supply and demand that exists for important keywords and extract the best results from search engines
  • Understanding and applying your company’s uniqueness as part of our search engine strategy for you
  • Ensuring that on-page text is optimized and that your keyword density and content properly structured for indexation by search engines
  • Making sure that all free indexing opportunities for your business are identified and taken advantage of

A search engine optimized site will make you visible, increase traffic, and help generate leads and opportunities.

Many of today’s modern websites are based on beautiful looking templates that are designed to provide quick and cheap turnaround. But, those templates don’t include the important elements that impact a website’s performance on search engines. The best performing web sites are not necessarily objects of art; they are objects of information and knowledge. If someone offers to create, or replace your existing web site with a flashy looking solution for what seems to be a low price, beware of the outcomes.

A large portion of our new business originates from clients that have impressive looking web sites but no web traffic to speak of, and no leads. Get SEO right from the start by contacting us before you design a new site or redesign your existing one.

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